A few questions about string theory
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2005-08-22 14:33:06 UTC
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Someone asked me the following questions about string theory:

In string theory, what is the relationship between the "string" and the
normal modes or eigenvalues/eigenfunctions of the wavefunction?

What actually vibrates within a string?

Could someone help me with the above questions? Thanks.

My thinking is:
By E=mc^2 and E=hf, where f is the vibration frequency of a mode, then
mc^2=hf. Therefore, f is equivalent to m in string theory. A string
is made up of superposition of different modes of vibration. The f or
E is the eigenvalue. Some energy field vibrates. This is like that
electric and magnetic fields vibrate in light. But I don't know what
types of field vibrate in strings.

I am not certain about my answer.

2005-09-27 16:12:05 UTC
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Post by cyberdude
What actually vibrates within a string?
The string is what vibrates.