Mathematical String Physics in Sydney
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Urs Schreiber
2005-07-13 14:04:16 UTC
While everybody is paying attention to Strings 05, I would like to mention
that at the same time there is a big conference on mathematical physics
going on in Sydney, with lots of stuff related to String Theory:

http://streetfest.maths.mq.edu.au/ .

A couple of participants of this conference are currently liveblogging from
Sydney at the String Coffee Table,

http://golem.ph.utexas.edu/string/archives/000591.html ,

providing lots of information.

For instance:

- Bondal has been talking about mirror symmetry on toric varieties:


- Bouwknegt has been talking about applying Hitchin's generalized geometry
to A- and B-branes and mirror symmetry:


- Mueger has been talking about CFT in the language of modular categories
and how this is useful for describing strings on orbifolds:


- In a similar contex J. Fuchs and I. Runkel will talk about CFTs and
Frobenius algebras:


- Gorbunov will relate Witten's "half-twisted sigma-model" to gerbes


-Porter will talk about "Homotopy Quantum Field Theories":


which, I am being told, have something to say about strings on orbifolds:


- Then there are at least three lectures on "higher gauge theory" related to
"nonabelian strings", by Baez, Getzler and Kapranov.

http://streetfest.maths.mq.edu.au/abstract?lastname=Kapranov&firstname=Michael .

- After preparation by J. Baez and A. Crans,


D. Stevenson will talk about our result how the String-group, which
describes the parallel transport of superstrings,


is neatly expressed in terms of Lie 2-algebra and Lie 2-group theory:

Urs Schreiber
2005-07-13 18:02:09 UTC
Post by Urs Schreiber
While everybody is paying attention to Strings 05, I would like to mention
that at the same time there is a big conference on mathematical physics
The fun thing is that even the talks that don't seem to be about string
theory secretly are. For instance Voronov gave a talk on operads


and in particular on the "little disk operad" and the "little interval
operad". Turns out that this is about the very structure underlying open,
closed and open/closed string field theory.

So for instance operad theory gives a nice explanation for why closed string
field theory is described in terms of L_oo-algebra, while open string field
theory is described in terms of A_oo algeba. The (graded-)commutativity
enjoyed by L_oo algebras but not by A_oo-algebras comes from the
commutativity of the little disk operad which is nothing but the fact that
there is no ordering on closed string vertices inside a surface, while there
is such an ordering for open string vertices on the boundary of a surface.

This is nicely described in

H. Kajiura & J. Stasheff
Homotoy algebas inspired by classical open-closed string field theory